41st HERRALDE NOVEL PRIZE “The white  desert”

El desierto blanco

The prestigious Herralde Novel Prize 2023 was awarded to filmmaker Luis López Carrasco for his work The White Desert. As on other occasions, the Anagrama publishing house has had the collaboration of Liberdúplex for its printing and binding process. The novel has undergone a meticulous production process to ensure that each copy reflects the literary quality that has led to such distinguished recognition.
The binding guarantees an impeccable and durable presentation, not only protects the pages, but also enhances the aesthetics of the work. The artfully and sensitively designed cover serves as an intriguing window into the literary world created by the filmmaker.
The release date of The White Desert is scheduled for November 22. With the combination of an award-winning story and an impeccable editorial presentation, the work is presented as a valuable contribution to the contemporary literary scene, ensuring its place among the most outstanding works of the Herralde Novel Prize.