Digital Services

New forms of communicating and publishing contents”

Continuous technological advances have resulted in the constant appearance of new forms of communicating and publishing contents. At Liberdúplex we are fully aware of this situation and, with the aim of offering a comprehensive service, we place a complete range of digital solutions at the disposal of our customers.

We can count on the services of an outstanding team of professionals with extensive experience in the fields of technology and communications, providing us with the know-how to take on a complete range of digital projects.

dispositivos_appleWe will help you to define your goal, develop your strategies and select the most adequate means for implementing them.

  • Programming, we use state of the art technology to create practical and innovative solutions.
  • Training, we are supported by our extensive experience in the development of products, resources and solutions in both the business sphere and education.
  • Interactive publications, we can transform your printed and digital publications so that they will offer new experiences for your customers.
  • Design and layout, we can offer a guiding hand, from conceptualisation through to the complete development of your project. We will implement automated layout processes through the use of templates that allow you to define your layouts in a matter of minutes.
  • Video and animation, we place at your disposal our creative skills and audiovisual production and postproduction services.
  • eMarketing, we can create interesting marketing strategies that will allow you to publicise your company, products and services.
  • Digital supports, we provide consultancy, installation and maintenance, equipment sale and rental services.
  • Augmented reality projects, turnkey projects. We will help you discover what can be offered through all kinds of printed publications.
  • Virtual assistants, we can help you create your own virtual representative, so that you can provide your customers with the information that you want them to have.