Comprehensive binding services”

At Liberdúplex we have in-house resources for the binding of all your products, including binding for the mass production of paperbacks and hardcovers.

  • 2 cutting lines POLAR 137 an POLAR 155
  • Folding STAHL 94.
  • Folding STAHL 66.
  • Folding MBO T-112.
  • Folding STAHL 112.
  • Saddle stitching system with 6 station plus cover.
  • Gathering and book thread sewing Multiplex 180/51, with 18 stations.
  • Hard cover book line production Hoerauf BDM Universal.
  • Soft cover line Muller Martini Bolero B8, with 18 stations.
  • Soft cover line Muller Martini Corona 12 with 21 station and flaps production.
  • Hard cover line with jacket and book mark ribbon insertion incorporated.